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Lotus suspension

Suspended | Posted by admin
May 28 2009

Beautiful BDSM model is in total submission. This naked obedient girl has her arms and legs tied in a lotus position. She is lifted and suspended from the ceiling. Then cruel master starts some crazy dildo -fucking. Bound and gagged whore can only moan from pain and pleasure when huge dildo penetrates her shaved wet pussy while nipple clamps dangle from her young breasts.


Tongue clamped and fucked

Suspended | Posted by admin
May 14 2009

It’s very convenient to fuck a girl when she is suspended from the ceiling. This mouth gagged slave girl has her arms tied behind her back and tongue clamped with wooden sticks. Master stretches slave’s pussy with a dildo and then starts fucking the helpless slave with his own huge dick. There’s nothing this young cunt can do about it and that’s just the way we like it!


Suspended Slut

Suspended | Posted by admin
May 05 2009

Step inside the house of pain where evil men dominate their beautiful submissive slaves and force them to orgasm with wild dildo-fucking. Do you like watching sluts being humiliated, helpless and in pain? Do you want to see submissive slave girls gagged, bound and locked in cages? Do you like to hear these obedient sluts moan of pain and pleasure? Join now and witness the most exciting original BDSM action available online today!